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He blocked His ears with His hands,Sent on 19 January 2022
Without such a form, no one can be blissfulSent on 17 January 2022
Modern scientists have tried to explain the origin of creationSent on 14 January 2022
This total lump of matter is agitatedSent on 13 January 2022
This sleeping is distinct from sleeping in ignoranceSent on 12 January 2022
He is everything and yet is separate from everythingSent on 11 January 2022
Whatever exists—externally and internally—is You aloneSent on 10 January 2022
It is only to satisfy His devoteeSent on 07 January 2022
You do not discriminate between friends and enemiesSent on 06 January 2022
How could I leave his service?Sent on 06 January 2022
Where is happiness in this material world?Sent on 03 January 2022
Engage as an apprentice under the guidance of a pure devoteeSent on 31 December 2021
Every intelligent man must agree to this proposalSent on 30 December 2021
As for me, however, I am being crushed by the wheel of timeSent on 29 December 2021
Who can get free from this entanglement?Sent on 28 December 2021
Everyone in this material world is influenced by Your energySent on 27 December 2021
If we keep displeasing our supreme fatherSent on 24 December 2021
A devotee’s life and duty are very well explained hereinSent on 23 December 2021
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