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Who is completely silent Sent on 06 October 2022
Are all creations of yogamāyā Sent on 05 October 2022
The sake of accepting oblations Sent on 04 October 2022
Has emerged from waterSent on 03 October 2022
There are four kinds of living entities Sent on 30 September 2022
Situated in goodness Sent on 29 September 2022
Is situated in pure goodness Sent on 28 September 2022
No one can overcome Sent on 27 September 2022
In the cycle of material activitiesSent on 26 September 2022
With a fixed mind Sent on 23 September 2022
Directly and indirectly knows how everything Sent on 22 September 2022
Unlimited supreme truth Sent on 21 September 2022
Subduer of all enemies Sent on 20 September 2022
Time to invoke the mode of goodnessSent on 19 September 2022
Is a Vedic mantra Sent on 16 September 2022
Upon delivering the King Sent on 15 September 2022
Had thus cursed King Sent on 14 September 2022
Who the supreme authority is Sent on 13 September 2022
Who is part and parcel of GodSent on 12 September 2022
The controller of formidable strength Sent on 09 September 2022
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