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Prabhupada: World's Greatest Philosopher Sent on 22 June 2018
What a goat wont eat what a fool wont speak !! Sent on 18 June 2018
The highest realization is-- to first save yourself Sent on 15 June 2018
Some infectious disease Sent on 13 June 2018
The 6 kinds of daily activity a devotee MUST performSent on 08 June 2018
So many complaints Sent on 07 June 2018
Srila Prabhupada about factories Sent on 06 June 2018
Lord Jesus Christ appear in the spiritual sky Sent on 05 June 2018
No limit to kirtan and how to preach in Kali-yuga Sent on 01 June 2018
Srila Prabhupada on the importance of Deity WorshipSent on 31 May 2018
It is his duty Sent on 30 May 2018
Chant Hare Krishna and Die, do not call any doctor Sent on 29 May 2018
No more sanyasi intiations Sent on 28 May 2018
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